Bills Safelock application.

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Bills Safelock application. Empty Bills Safelock application.

Post by Bill Cosby on Mon Mar 30, 2015 7:03 pm

OOC Information
Steam Name: The fresh Prince of New York
Link to your Steam profile: It won't let me post any external links :\
First name:m8whyyouwannaknow

How long have you been with Triad Roleplay? Since it started.

How long have you been doing Serious Roleplay on Garry's Mod? 4-5 years.

What Qualifies you above the other applicants for this faction? I have years of experience in other, similar roles such as Civil protection, etc.

Have you ever been warned on the server? No

Have you ever been banned on the server? No

Is there anyone on the server that would vouch for you? I know all of you would.

Why do you want this position? I want to have a character for Safelock so that more units can be active at all times.

Character backstory (2-3 Paragraphs): (It's short but it's the only parts of his backstory that aren't generic, boring details of his everyday life) Leonard Huxtable was just a child when the world was driven into martial law from the lack of oil. He grew up in a small family of himself and his two parents. He grew up and was moved to megacity 17, where he stayed in his own apartment. He lived in a dirty, run down apartment deep in the inner city, not being able to afford much comfort at the time. He soon purchased his own small bar a block down from his apartment that he ran, himself. While owning the bar, he still worked as a janitor to clean the establishment while one other employee worked as a bartender. His business eventually started to fail, forcing him to sell the bar as soon as he realized it could only make him a small amount of money by closing down and getting rid of it.

He stayed unemployed for weeks, sitting in his apartment unti he was about to lose his apartment. He purchased a small gun and robbed a corner store somewhere in the city. The robbery ended up being a failure and he ran from the store, hiding out in an alley and then returning to his apartment. The only thing he was lucky about is that no one tracked him down and he was able to hide out in his apartment until he was kicked out in the streets, living in public spaces, businesses and cheap housing. He then began to return to an ordinary life, picking up easy, legal jobs to make some money and live out in a tiny home, where he eventually decided to sign up for Safelock, out of any other options for employment.



1. Explain your actions with Protection Teams. No infractions or loyalty points.

2. What is your role in society? A general laborer/ ex. business owner.

3. Do you read directions? If so, write "no." No.

4. Do you consider yourself a high quality citizen? If so, How? No.

5. Explain detainment process. Ask for a suspect to get on a nearby wall, use force if neccessary. Cuff suspect, get identification and bring them in to detainment, state reason for detainment and length of detainment over radio.

6. List a few high level crimes. Murder, policide, trafficking large quantities of illegal drugs.

7. How would the assault of a Protection Team Unit be handled? For a small number of suspects or weapons other than firearms, one or multiple units would move in to intercept and forcibly detain the suspect. For suspects using firearms, the unit should call in for backup at their location, surround the suspect and demand they surrender their weapon and comply with protection officers orders.

Upon your signature, A Representative will review your information. If accepted, you will be given notice of deployment.

I _Leonard Huxtable_ hereby accept the honorable duty to join the ranks of the SafeLock Protection Team. I understand the dangers and tasks that lie ahead upon my acceptance into this team. I take all responsibility for my own actions and agree that this form was in-fact completed by myself, no one else. I also understand that any uncivil actions on my part, will not be tolerated and may be deemed unfit by a Representative, resulting in termination.

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Bills Safelock application. Empty Re: Bills Safelock application.

Post by Aikaterine on Tue Mar 31, 2015 3:30 pm


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Bills Safelock application. Empty Re: Bills Safelock application.

Post by Sly on Wed Apr 01, 2015 12:25 am


Your faction will be accredited once a staff member can assist you.

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Bills Safelock application. Empty Re: Bills Safelock application.

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