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Keiva's SafeLock Application Empty Keiva's SafeLock Application

Post by Zer0 on Sun Apr 05, 2015 4:22 pm

OOC Information
Steam Name: Zer0
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:32551407
Link to your Steam profile: "New members are not allowed to post external links or emails for 7 days. Please contact the forum administrator for more information."
Age: 17
First name: Gareth

How long have you been with Triad Roleplay?
2 Days
How long have you been doing Serious Roleplay on Garry's Mod?
5 years, another 3 outside of Gmod.
What Qualifies you above the other applicants for this faction?
I have experience with law enforcement roleplay, I understand and can use various radio procedures, and shorthand. I am a solid roleplayer looking to improve the servers populace via my long periods of time that I am online for.
Have you ever been warned on the server? (Don't lie, We have logs.)
I have never been in any issues with server staff.
Have you ever been banned on the server? (Don't lie, We have logs.)
I have never been in any issues with server staff.
Is there anyone on the server that would vouch for you?
Currently I am fairly soft spoken, so I do not believe so.
Why do you want this position?
I would like to improve the affect the Safelock Security teams have on the server's atmosphere. When I first joined everything was silent and no one was controlled, Crime flooded the streets and it seemed like the protection team should be stopping it when none were online. I am on 8ish hours a day with my work IRL being primarily at night, So I am on during American morning through around dinner time each day.
Character backstory (2-3 Paragraphs):  
      Keiva Lamm grew up on the street as a young child at the age of 8. After the loss of any parent figure in her life she wandered the littered lands finding nothing but bums and rubbish, She had such high hopes for the world but it had let her down. Her only friend was killed by the time Keiva turned 10, buy some tweaker looking for enough tokens to get his fix. In the following months Keiva would join a pact of people living in the sewers; all with a similar story.

     Present day, Keiva lives in a new city, still distraught with rubbish and the less fortunate, She hopes to find a way to rectify her friend's death. within her second day in the city she has met many people who talk poorly of the safelock Protection teams she had heard doing good things for this city. Disappointed Keiva sets out to find a way into safelock, to fix it's shriven name and to be able to rid the world of crime so no one else will need to feel her loss.

    *A Torn Piece of paper*: I wish this place did not smell so damn bad. Why can I never find an upper-class dumpster to sleep next to? This place rots, the people here are rotting just as bad... I saw a bartender who had a camera in his cafe front desk so that robbers would be scared off. Why is it anywhere I go, I always end up in the same type of shit-hole? I can't believe what Alex got me into this time...


1. Explain your actions with Protection Teams. (Any Infractions Or Loyalty Points?)
I Keiva Lamm Have had no issues with any protection Units, nor any outstanding behaviour worth noting.
2. What is your role in society?
I live to make the world a better place.
3. Do you read directions? If so, write "no."
4. Do you consider yourself a high quality citizen? If so, How?
It is not my place to judge my own worth.
5. Explain detainment process.
To detain a person, you must cuff them, blind them, and then preferably with a partner bring them back to the detention center.
6. List a few high level crimes.
Murder, Assault with a deadly weapon, Possession of Narcotics.
7. How would the assault of a Protection Team Unit be handled?
Detainment, and waiting for instruction from a high ranking officer.
Upon your signature, A Representative will review your information. If accepted, you will be given notice of deployment.

I _Keiva Lamm___ hereby accept the honorable duty to join the ranks of the SafeLock Protection Team. I understand the dangers and tasks that lie ahead upon my acceptance into this team. I take all responsibility for my own actions and agree that this form was in-fact completed by myself, no one else. I also understand that any uncivil actions on my part, will not be tolerated and may be deemed unfit by a Representative, resulting in termination.


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Keiva's SafeLock Application Empty Re: Keiva's SafeLock Application

Post by Sly on Mon Apr 06, 2015 12:27 pm


Your whitelist will be added when a staff member can accredit it to you.

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