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Faith's SafeLock Application :o Empty Faith's SafeLock Application :o

Post by FaithS on Tue Mar 24, 2015 8:11 pm

OOC Information
Steam Name: Faith
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:22392125
Link to your Steam profile:
Age: 16
First name: Faith

How long have you been with Triad Roleplay?
I've been playing on Triad Roleplay since the cyberpunk server's launch, though I've been aware and somewhat-involved since late-February.
How long have you been doing serious roleplay on Garry's Mod?
4-6 years, not sure.
What qualifies you above the other applicants for this faction?
I have experience with and passion for both cyberpunk settings and police factions, I fully comprehend how to play through a combat scene in a fair and enjoyable manner, and there aren't actually any other applications that I'm aware of.
Have you ever been warned on the server?
Have you ever been banned on the server?
Is there anyone on the server that would vouch for you?
Pyro is a nerd but he knows I'm a decent roleplayer. Sly knows that I at least tried to help with the server launch.
Why do you want this position?
Firstly, the server seems lacking in authorized police characters. Like, the most I've seen of them was someone getting their faction whitelist.
Aside from that, I've had decent experiences with playing in the MPF/CCA/YMCA/whatever. I'm hoping that I'll be able to participate in that same theme of roleplay, without the drama and rigidness of HL2RP and with more things going on/fellow officers than the cyberpunk server I last frequented.
Character backstory (2-3 Paragraphs):  
  Ellen doesn't have much of a story to tell, really. She grew up with hard, dirty work on a soy plant down in former-Kansas, one of the last major regions for the nation's agricultural supply. Life depended on the soy, and there was nothing but fields of it for hundreds of miles. Any doctors or supplies came come from the sparse exportation centers, where farmers were paid for their crops by distributors. To make it short and sweet; shit was boring, shit was rough.
  In an well-expected and cliche turn of events, the young farm-girl ditched the place as soon as she had the opportunity. That opportunity happened to be the death of the rest of her small family at the hand of violent disease coupled with malnutrition, but Ellen doesn't dwell. She hitched a ride on one of the less secure local export rails, managing to make it to New Seattle/Megacity 17 via a regular soy shipment. Since then, Ellen's managed to get by in the tight urban jungle, paying for a shabby apartment out of odd-jobs and over-due (unofficial) loans.

The handwriting on the application would be rough, written in black ink from a half-empty pen. However, it remains legible, aside from the occasional crossed out and replaced word.

1. Explain your actions with Protection Teams. (Any Infractions Or Loyalty Points?)
I don't have any loyalty points but I have never been arrested
2. What is your role in society?
I do whatever work people need me to do. I also know about agroculture farming and hard work
3. Do you read directions? If so, write "no."
4. Do you consider yourself a high quality citizen? If so, How?
Yes, I work hard and I don't make trouble for anybody.
5. Explain detainment process.
I think that you have to handcuff the guy crimenal, definitely. Then you give them a patdown, then you take them to the pric precinct and lock them up in a cell. Then you probably have to fill out a report and figure out their sentance
6. List a few high level crimes.
terrorism, having illegal guns, murder
7. How would the assault of a Protection Team Unit be handled?
I think that if I were in charge I would 1st see what kind of weapons they have. If its just bats or rocks or whatever then I would have the team stay close together and try to take the guys on 1 by 1. If the criminals have guns then I think it would be safest to get to cover and call for reanforc help and then just keep the guys inside of 1 area until we have enough officers to safely shoot the guys or get them to give up

Upon your signature, A Representative will review your information. If accepted, you will be given notice of deployment.

I,__Ellen Jessup_, hereby accept the honorable duty to join the ranks of the SafeLock Protection Team. I understand the dangers and tasks that lie ahead upon my acceptance into this team. I take all responsibility for my own actions and agree that this form was in-fact completed by myself, no one else. I also understand that any uncivil actions on my part, will not be tolerated and may be deemed unfit by a Representative, resulting in termination.

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Faith's SafeLock Application :o Empty Re: Faith's SafeLock Application :o

Post by Sly on Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:48 pm


A very nice application! Your whitelist will be added the next time you are online/when a staff member is available to set it for you.

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