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Post by Baine on Mon Apr 13, 2015 12:21 am

Steam Name:
Link to your Steam profile:
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19 years old
First name:

How long have you been with Triad Roleplay?
I am fairly new to triad. about 2-3 days.

How long have you been doing Serious Roleplay on Garry's Mod?
I have been doing serious roleplay on Garrys mod for around 2 years.

What qualifies you above the other applicants for this tool?
As I have stated I have been on Garrys mod for a few years and have co-owned servers with zer0 on multiple occasions.

Have you ever been warned on the server? (Don't lie, We have logs.)
I have never been warrned.

Have you ever been banned on the server? (Don't lie, We have logs.)
I have never been banned.

Is there anyone on the server that would vouch for you?

What sort of modifications would you perform to your character?
Small cosmetic changes as well as drone modifications.(And only when i am given permission for a drone.)

Do you understand Triad Roleplay's rules on PAC3? If so, explain. (Read the rule page. Do NOT copy/paste)
Yes I understand that size changes, trails, or glowing/color emitting/ flashlight bodies. I will keep these restrictions in mind
while I make any changes to my characters.(Although only cosmetic and miner drone modifications will be made.)


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Baines pac3 app Empty Re: Baines pac3 app

Post by Sly on Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:07 am


Sorry for the late response time. Sad

This will be accredited once a staff member is online to assist you.

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