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Post by Sly on Wed Apr 22, 2015 10:32 pm

The time for luxury is over. The time for survival is now....

"We dreamed of a day the smoke clouds would disappear... A day that new light would shine though, If only we had known what was beyond the smoke when it cleared... we would've never wished it away."

Excerpt from a journal found roadside.
The year? 2024. What happened? Fuck if anyone truly knows anymore. Tensions with Russia came to an all time high, the fucking Ruskies were tired of it. Bastards joined up with China and began the 2nd Cold War, except this time.... Well we woke up one morning to a fucking mushroom cloud outside our window. It wasn't just us. From the sounds of it, nukes peppered the entire west coast. Shit really hit the fan but we still thought we could escape, up north had to be better right? Hope was strong enough, but the news reported otherwise... Canada sealed their borders up immediately, didn't stop the radiation from pouring on the Maple Syrup cities though. The East Coast had been invaded over night, caught us with our pants down facing the western side. Washington never stood a chance. Rumor has it that we didn't go down without a fight though, something about a few nukes going off near Moscow but fuck if anyone knows anymore. Just when we thought our problems couldn't get any worse, these fucking creatures started turning up in hundreds. Fallout had done a number on major cities and rural towns alike and its just a mixed up shitbin of a wasteland here now, you can't trust anyone, you can't fight death. It will catch up with us all soon enough....

It's now your story, your path, your decisions. These are the days after destruction, the days after a controlled country. Fallout and mutants roam the land. Gangs stripping people alive in public, families hiding for their lives, military trying to instill order. Your decisions choose who you are; Are you a murderer? A thief? A hero or a freak? You decide.


In short: USA and Russia have had a final falling out, which result in Nuclear War. The US has had its coastlines ripped apart by Russian missiles and troops. Rumor has it, the US got off one final group of attacks before they were fully ripped open, with possible Russian fallout as well? The evidence and information is sketchy. The US Military DOES still exist however and can be seen inside towns with survivors aiding civilization. Mutants, a side effect from the radiation, lurk outside in the wastelands and will not hesitate to attack towns. Russian troops can also be seen occasionally, engaging and executing US Military Officials and citizens.

Heated Tensions begin to rise with Russia over Alaskan territory and oil refineries.

Russia and China renew a communistic style alliance, angering the US.
The US threatens military engagement if Russia does not cease-and-desist hostile actions.
A group of Russian extremists cause a shootout at the Mall Of America in Bloomington, MN; Killing 163 citizens and police officers.

Russia and USA begin to fire nuclear missiles at each other.
Russian missiles obliterate the US west coast.
Russian Troops, along with the Chinese, begin to invade the eastern coast; Destroying Washington DC.
Possible US missile strikes in Russia?

2024 (Present)
Russian Troops have pulled back, occasionally attacking small US towns of survivors.
Mutants begin to be spotted around wastelands.
Humanity struggles in the US with no aid from foreign countries from fear of Russian attacks.


US Military Units (USA)
These men and women are the last reminiscence of military strength in the US. Commonly on missions, these soldiers are few and spread. Occasionally they can be seen delivering supplies to towns of survivors in hopes of rebuilding society. They can also be seen in an occasional run-in conflict with Russian Troops.

Russian Military Units (RUS) -
Half human, half vodka. These are the soldiers of Russia. These are the men and women that invaded the US via the east coast during war times. Now, they remain to hunt and execute American military and civilian personnel struggling to survive.

Survivors -
Everyone is a survivor, but these Survivors are the nomads that have not yet claimed allegiance to any known factions. The Survivors are unpredictable and can be a friend or foe. Some Survivors have banded together to try and rebuild humanity while others go their own way.

Traders -
The traders are just like the survivors, but they are dedicated to trading. These people usually wander from town to town, place to place trading their goods for other goods. There is not much to say about them, other than that one will most likely arrive in an area near you from time to time.

Mutants -
The side effect of nuclear fallout. These monsters have been genetically mutated by radiation causing them to become freaks of nature. Lacking primary instinct, most of these creatures have began to hunt for blood where ever it be. Commonly spotted in the wastelands, these creatures can also be seen attacking homes and small towns in their ever-growing craving for blood and meat. IF you see one, it is best to flee the area immediately.

The sickness
Citizens do not know much at all about what has happened (as most communication went down/busy immediately). What they know is what they see for themselves, the mutations from radiation is clearly causing some form of wide spread sickness. This sickness, referenced by the military as "EPT-133", can be seen causing everyday animals and humans alike to become ill in a very short length of time. The affected begin experiencing incredibly sharp, stabbing-like pains in the abdomen and spinal cord. Once this pain has began, the virus is in it's final path to partial neural reception shutdown, rendering the infected member lacking of advanced motion and thought processing. From there, the sickness has been seen causing the infected to expose muscular tissue and intense blood loss. This process can be seen over a 24 hour period, along with loud pain-filled screams and total will loss. This infected individual now only has one primary goal, survival by any means necessary.

Sly - Concept & idea & Development
TRP Community - Inspiration and suggestions. For also putting up with my shit.

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