Sirathor's PAC3 Application

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Sirathor's PAC3 Application

Post by Siraithor on Mon Apr 06, 2015 3:48 am

Steam Name: Siraithor
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:25168597
Link to your Steam profile: steamcommunity(dot)com/id/Siraithor
Age: 20
First name: Alex

How long have you been with Triad Roleplay?
Two whole days

How long have you been doing Serious Roleplay on Garry's Mod?
3 years of serious RP with another 3 year gap since last played.

What qualifies you above the other applicants for this tool?
Probably raw experience

Have you ever been warned on the server? (Don't lie, We have logs.)

Have you ever been banned on the server? (Don't lie, We have logs.)

Is there anyone on the server that would vouch for you?
Zer0 could probably tell you I'm not completely useless.

What sort of modifications would you perform to your character?
My character might one day be known as the queen of cyberware if that's any indication. But until than, just a reasonable progression of tech augments as I progress.

Do you understand Triad Roleplay's rules on PAC3? If so, explain. (Read the rule page. Do NOT copy/paste)
Basically don't do shitlordy stuff typical of gmod sandbox. Keep it within reason and roleplay standards.


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Re: Sirathor's PAC3 Application

Post by Sly on Mon Apr 06, 2015 12:28 pm


Your flag will be added when a staff member can accredit it to you.

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