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Post by ‏JackeT on Sat Feb 07, 2015 9:10 am

I use right to left mark, miriam fixed character map, at the begining of JackeT (?JackeT)<--- Has invisible character; on Triad Roleplays forum

OOC Information

Steam Name:JackeT
Link to your Steam profile:h t t p : / / s team com munity. co m/id/ Str yderK arm a /
First name:Lukas

How long have you been with Triad Roleplay?
Honestly, I have only been with this server for a little over a day now. That might not seem like much, but when I create a backstory to my CyberPunk character before actually joining the server...I can't seem to let myself change it. This plays into me wanting written permission for this character along with his belongings, as many other servers would require a Auth for this.

How long have you been doing Serious Roleplay on Garry's Mod?
150 hours of Serious Roleplay. A lot of that time was spent on Sheeplie's Vortex Roleplay Community.

What Qualifies you above the other applicants for this faction?
My need to create sufficient back-stories for most of my meaningful characters, is a quality that I am most proud of. Going along with that, I think long back-stories are great even for the littlest things. My ability to role-play dynamically, and to think in my characters shoes, leaves me a great candidate for this Authorization.

Have you ever been warned on the server? (Don't lie, We have logs.)
No, I haven't. Even if I had played on this server for a increased number of hours, I still think the answer would remain the same.

Have you ever been banned on the server? (Don't lie, We have logs.)
No, I haven't.

Is there anyone on the server that would vouch for you?

What items are you requesting you character has?
His Uncle's Rag-Tag(NonCyberPunk) Guitar+His rusty pistol inside it. All items before the age of CyberPunk. This Guitar is the only thing that lets him unwind from the electronic haywire inside his mind and around him. I am also requesting that he has his Uncle's Id card along with the Guitar.
I am requesting that my character mind is against him, forcing him sometimes to share the characteristics of a sociopath. These bad actions are always being resisted by Aiden, but sometimes they are too powerful to hold in. He is one character that I would classify as being crazy but not stupid, and to have a inner struggle that none can understand. His own personality keeps him from letting other people know about his condition and forces him to be alone throughout this. But this does not mean he is anti-social in any means. (Read my back-story to understand why this all happens to him). In game I would allow these actions to occur through rolls or through my own judgement.(Depends on the situation)

EDIT:Why do you want this/these item(s)/other?
These items effectively go along with my back-story to my character, and If my character did not have these items he would probably go insane(If he isn't classified as that already). I don't think Authing these items could even do harm, but I will make sure to role-play accordingly. Referring to my botched augments, it could definitely be terrible if role-played wrong;However, I am sure I can handle the craziness of my character.

Character backstory (2-3 Paragraphs):
In this back-story, I am skipping ever bit of unnecessary information. Every single line and piece of this back-story can be changed to suit the current lore.(Or future lore, as it is obviously not completed)

Early Life:
Aiden Yelnen was born into a loving, caring, and warm family up in the northern states of the USA. This was in the splendid time of 2015 and the world could not have been better in Aiden's eyes. Helena Yelnen, was a stay at home mother and took care of him every second of every day. Aiden never knew hardship, nor suffering. Even after the car crash that killed his father, who was the main source of income for the household, his good life continued. His mother never seemed affected by it, and Aiden thought throughout his early years that she was happy. However, Aiden could not have been more wrong. Helena never let Aiden see her despair, nor did she let anyone. The emotions that were consuming her were being held in, killing her. And eventually they did. Aiden's mom was found in the bath tub overdosed on a variety of low priced drugs. It was very fortunate that her brother, Isaac, was there to care for him.

Throughout the years, Isaac became the owner of one of the biggest MegaCorporations in the world, Yelnen Corp. Specializing in the new technologies in the cybernetics field, the corporation profited and flourished through the disastrous times in 2020. The donations flowing from Yelnen Corp. did not help the world get back on its feet, and were cut short soon after they started. Everyone who had a job inside the company was as fortunate as a lottery winner. The advanced cybernetic research going on inside the corporation, sprouted many variants of nerve relaxers and then further along the ability to have night vision. All tests on 'volunteer' subjects were going well, like they had a choice. Most of them were so out of money that this would be the only thing to keep them alive. Yelnen Corp. soon controlled Old Los Angeles, and Aiden's uncle made sure that the citizens were glad to be here, and not in any of the awful establishments at the West Coast.

Middle Years:
Aiden was cared for through his young years by his uncle, Isaac. He wen't throughout his middle years surrounded by electronics, learning, examining, and making cybernetics. He became very useful at taking things apart and putting them back together, and his Uncle saw his promise. A Cybernetics researchers named Jonas was set to teach Aiden everything in his reasearch. Mind this, because it might aswell been a 10000 page novel each day. Although Aiden did catch up on some things and his Uncle was able to put him to work in the research division. He continued to work for his Uncle until the age of 23, around 2038 or so.

Late Years:
Isaac was sure he did not have enemies, his friendly personality, and overall treatment of his people made sure of that. He told himself that every day. But as other Corporations grew greedy of his success, they started implementing and stashing their own people inside the Yelnen Corp. walls. Slowing growing their ratios of persons to be greater that Isaac's. The time had come for them to take over the corporation. Aiden's life changed as well as he finally grew the courage to ask his uncle for a cybernetic implant. It was perfect timing aswell, Aiden though, as every single research cybernetic passed inspection and testings. His Uncle, being hesitant at first, finally allowed his scientists to implant it. But it did not go to plan at all. Aiden was seen to have a sever reaction and rejectment of the implant, but before he could get it removed the worst came. The entirety of the security forces were now all on the greedy corporations pay grade, (For the people who put family above Gold, their wives were threatened, their children stolen.) So every one of those guards marching towards Isaac's office had a purpose. The door to the office bust open and the swarm surrounded his Uncle. After 13 shots were fired Aiden's Uncle lay dead with his eyes in a state of surprise. Jonas and Aiden were inside a research room when they heard the sounds of boots outside the door. Jonas quickly lifted Aiden into the vent, all the while saying it was too big to fit, and it was fine they just wanted to ask him a few things. Aiden did not want to go against Jonas' words, and he continued crawling until one loud gun went off in the research room, Aiden stops and shuddered at the thought but continued in the direction of his Uncle Office. Jumping down, he found his Uncle dead. Aiden with no time to grieve took the things of most importance to his Uncle, His guitar and his Id Card(Still some credits left on it). Heading out the fire-escape window, he clambered down and down the flights, taking in the fact of all the scientists murdered, but there were no thoughts on his Uncle. Aiden tried to shut his mind up as he got into the bus that took him to New Seattle. To his new life.

Please try to excuse the grammatical mistakes, I will make sure they are all sorted in time.

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[Approved] JackeT's Authorization Application Empty Re: [Approved] JackeT's Authorization Application

Post by Sly on Sat Feb 07, 2015 12:37 pm

Very well organized and put together. Approved!

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