Server Rules (Revised: 3/29/2015)

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Server Rules (Revised: 3/29/2015) Empty Server Rules (Revised: 3/29/2015)

Post by Sly on Tue Dec 23, 2014 2:25 pm

All rules are open to staff member interpretation.

1. Do NOT hack or abuse exploits.
2. Do NOT commit Fail-RP.
3. Absolutely NO Punch Whoring.
4. Do NOT Spam Chat(IC, LOOC, OOC, Admin Reports)
5. No Power Gaming (This means forcing your actions on other people, Don’t just walk up to someone and say, /me punches him in the face, Give them a chance to resist.)
6. You may not metagame; use information acquired Out Of Character (OOC, LOOC)
7. Use Fear RP (when necessary).
8. You may not disconnect from the server or change character to avoid roleplay situations.
9. You must use the chat system in the correct way. Don’t write OOC messages in IC, or say anything unnecessary, stupid, irrelevant OOC.
10. Do NOT use offensive language in OOC or LOOC.
11. You must use common sense and respect your fellow players.
12. Your character is not to be over-powered and must have both strengths and weaknesses like everybody else.
13. You must roleplay injuries. When you are shot in your leg, your character will not be able to run etc.
14. Do not abuse your physgun, toolgun or prop spawning abilities in any way, or you will lose your ability to have them.
15. You may NOT build props on the street, only in your homes.
16. You may NOT abuse dispatches/broadcasts.
17. You may NOT mingegrab/mingerun. Use a /me and roleplay properly when taking an item or running away.
18. You are NOT allowed to RDM(Random Death Match or killing someone without an RP reason).
19. You may NOT raid/break into anyone's home/business when they are gone. (I know it sucks but it keeps things fair.)
20. IF you own the PAC3 perk, Do NOT abuse it! (No insane size changes, trails, color emitting, ect.)
(Just play fair guys!)

Added as of 3/29/2015:

We are now enforcing a strong 0 tolerance rule on the use of ForceRP (Forcing action onto another player without their ability to resist.) and RapeRP (self-explanatory)! Should you fail to adhire to these rules, you will be reported to the C16 database and will be PERMANENTLY BANNED from all Triad Roleplay related servers!

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